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This has been a busy month with photoshoots every weekend as well as during the week!

I have been doing pictures for Rushden and District Riding Club, Emberton and District Riding Club, Bedford and District Riding Club and the Chiltern Hills Riding Club! These have all been good fun, with some great people and are very well organised.

I have been on a small break down to Cornwall which was great to get away and relax.

We have been round the fields with the Oakley Hunt taking photos of the day.

I have made a number of cakes for different birthdays which always keeps me busy.

There has been a local wedding in our fields with a huge marquee, congratulations to Lewis and Emily, I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon! (I do have a few pictures for you to look at) 

But my highlight of the month was The Great Gatsby themed wedding this was a perfect location at the Northampton Airfield with the room all decorated to perfection!


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Milton Keynes Walk http://rickyaddersonphotography.co.uk/blog/2015/7/milton-keynes-walk Milton Keynes WalkMilton Keynes Walk


So I took a walk round willen lake this week and this just looked too nice to miss! The sun just fell perfectly.


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