Just a little about me...
Hi! I'm Ricky, the most important member of this team. I am the Heart, Passion and front man dedicated to take the best shot around. It's me that has to cope with the young ego driven members around me, we are a great team!!

I Started out on our family run Dairy Farm and as a boy was bought my first Kodak Instamatic camera, I took pictures of everything including blurred fingers. Left school, straight into the farming business and started saving for my next camera a Pentax P30 which I used for a number of years. Then digital came about and moved on to a Canon D350, of which we still use! Last year I moved on to a Canon D7 and two new lenses the 70-200 f2.8 and 24-105 f1.4 both Canon. 

In life I love seeing people of all ages having fun, laughing and joking, and try to capture that image to keep for eternity, as a loving hard memory. Hate seeing people crying and unhappy! 

I have travelled to parts of the world including different parts of the USA, Canada, Fiji, Hawaii, New Zealand, Spain and France. Would love to travel more!!




Hi I'm Jordan, I'm more important than the old man, as I do all the running back and forth, to collect the memory cards for you all to view!

I have my own little camera which I have taken to the Caribbean with me! (you can buy my photos but they are more expensive than dad's!)

I enjoy being outside and playing on the bales and getting muddy. I have travelled to Antigua and enjoy going on long walks on my own.

I would like to go to Africa because it is hot there.




Hey I'm Rachel and I'm the new and improved photographer in the business.

I left school and went straight into an apprenticeship at an events management company; organising roadshows, conferences, sports events and many more. A big part of my role was managing suppliers including photographers, so I understand what clients want and need.

When I saw Ricky's talent I was excited to learn about photography and gain experience from the best. I enjoy being on site at events and shows, on my feet and hands on!

I love swimming and if I could go shopping everyday I definitely would! I have travelled quite a bit of Europe, but hoping to travel America next year.



Hello! My name is Ben and my official title is Head/King/Leader of Global IT here at RAP. My main role is to offer support on the IT side of things which includes the website, editing software, uploading pictures and many more!

My day to day working includes me telling other members of the team to either “Not touch” or “Turn it off and back on” and when I’m not telling them what not to do I am here fixing what David breaks.

I’m a sporty person and a Hammers fan (COYI). Fully committed to helping RAP become the biggest and best photography group in Milton Keynes and surrounding area’s. 




Hi I'm David, the best looking member of the team, I am very business minded and tend to do all of the management decision as well as the administration work. As I work in an accountancy firm.

I enjoy a lot of obstacle races and football which fills up most of the time I'm not sat in the back of the trailer selling pictures.

I have been to various countries in Europe as well as travelling  America and Canada. I would love to go back to America for longer and travel around.